October 01, 2016

False Heads: "Weigh In" video

London garage punk rock trio False Heads have made a video for their latest single Weigh In. The clip was directed SHOTS.BY.HANVEY.

Weigh In is released on October 7th thru 25 Hour Convenience Store.

Medeski Martin & Wood: 25th anniversary shows in Cleveland

After playing in their hometown New York to celebrate their 25th anniversary avant-jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood will travel to Cleveland for two more special shows at the On Air Studio to November:

Medeski Martin & Wood announce two shows in Cleveland at On Air Studio on Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19. They’ll be joined each night by some very special guests and lifelong collaborators: guitarist Marc Ribot, trumpeter Steven Bernstein, percussionist Cyro Baptista and turntablists DJ Logic and DJ Olive.

» mmw.net

September 30, 2016

Carey Ott: Nocona

Singet-songwriter Carey Ott did quite a bit of traveling before coming to terms with his hometown Ottawa, IL. It might explain the focus on writing songs about trying to stay put in one place down after a wild ride. As an alt-country artist he sings about things that are close to his heart: drinking lots of beer (Til the Well Runs Dry), getting fucked over by life but laughing about it Cosmic Joke) and trying the win the heart of his woman of choice - he claims that he knows her quite well in (I Already Know) What's on Your Mind, but self-doubt keeps bugging him.

The album's title was inspired by the faith of the Comanches in the small town Nocona, TX. With lyrics written by fellow musician Ryan Culwell. It means "The Wanderer" and fitted the mood of the album like a glove. Ott is looking for a place to stay, but he is not fully committed to settling down in Nashville, his current place of residence, just yet. The road beckons and odds are that he won't be able to resist her call.

Jim Jarmusch: "Gimme Danger" - Story of The Stooges

Jim Jarmusch directing a documentary about The Stooges. What could possibly go wrong? Find out when it hits the theaters on October 28th. He interviewed all the survivors, unearthed rare footage and made into a cohesive story of sorts: Gimme Danger - Story of The Stooges.

No other band in rock’n’roll history has rivaled The Stooges’ combination of heavy primal throb, spiked psychedelia, blues-a-billy grind, complete with succinct angst-ridden lyrics, and a snarling, preening leopard of a front man who somehow embodies Nijinsky, Bruce Lee, Harpo Marx, and Arthur Rimbaud. There is no precedent for The Stooges, while those inspired by them are now legion.

GIMME DANGER is more an 'essay' than a document. It's our love letter to possibly the greatest band in rock'n'roll history, and presents their story, their influences and their impact, complete with some never-before-seen footage and photographs. Like the Stooges and their music, GIMME DANGER is a little wild, messy, emotional, funny, primitive, and sophisticated in the most unrefined way. Long live The Stooges!"

Jim Jarmusch

September 29, 2016

The Clog Hunt Occasional Collapsing Knitting Society: Live at The Nutclough Tavern 25th September 2016

photo: Gareth Babb

When avant-garde guitarists Colin Robinson and Michael Linden West performed as a duo during the last weekend of the Winter of 2016, they didn't have a name for their project. They settled for The Clog Hunt Occasional Collapsing Knitting Society, suggested by Dave Lee, one of the regulars on the Clangroyd Facebook page, a hang-out for the various avant-garde acts in Hebden Bridge. Live at The Nutclough Tavern 19th March 2016 documented that debut performance and now there's another live recording, recorded in the first weekend of the Autumn of 2016: Live at The Nutclough Tavern 25th September 2016. They changed up things a bit and gravitated to twisted voodoo funk.

Spontaneity is key, with an assorted array of gizmos and effects acting like a bunch of kids after the school bell has rung to announce the holidays: a riot may happen without warning. Robinson and West share a love for Krautrock, King Crimson and Captain Beefheart; repetitive patterns and Sci-fi keyboards are torn apart by loud outbursts of distorted guitar. Fulsome Fishcake Funk sounds like an experiment by Adrian Belew and Thurston Moore that got out of hand. While most musicians would discard it as being just to plain weird, they use it as launchpad for howling feedback, serious clipping and post-rock mayhem.