October 25, 2016

Sewage Farm: Cloudy

Sam Forrest (Nine Black Alps) and Danny Trew Barton (White Firs) joined forces with drummer Danny Hirst to form Sewage Farm, a power trio with a penchant for garage rock, psychedelic pop, and grunge. While their favorite bands are all Amercian (Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Pavement) their sound is quite definitely English, especially the melodies, with plenty of tension and release.

Their debut album Cloudyi a roung-aroudn-the- edges lo-fi affair, knee-deep in smart hooks and riffs. Pop it in the player for a Long Srive, take a swim in the Darkest Ocean and changes are a foil mood will be replaced by a more cheerful outlook on life, a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy that should propel this band to bigger venues that hosts rock shows for a target group that likes to drink beer and play air guitar, while swaying gently to the back beat.

Phish 2016 Fall tour SBD + torrents: 2016/10/24 Grand Prairie

Official Grand Prairie poster by Dan Mumford

Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX

Set 1:
  1. No Men In No Man's Land
  2. Breath and Burning
  3. Poor Heart
  4. Wolfman's Brother
  5. Water in the Sky
  6. My Soul
  7. NICU
  8. It's Ice >
  9. Ocelot
  10. Fuck Your Face
  11. Ass Handed
  12. Saw It Again
  13. Running Out of Time
  14. David Bowie

October 24, 2016

John Cale: "The Velvet Underground & Nico" in Liverpool

John Cale has announced that he will re-imagine The Velvet Underground & Nico once again in Liverpool @ the North Liverpool Docks on May 26, 2017 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the album. He performed in its entirety this year at the Philharmonie de Paris on April 3.

I'm often reluctant to spend too much time on things past - then, a time marker shows up - The Velvet Underground & Nico turns 50 ! As so many bands can attest to, its the fulfillment of the ultimate dream to record your first album. We were an unfriendly brand, dabbling in a world of challenging lyrics and weird sonics that didn't fit into anyone's playlist at the time. Remaining ferociously true to our viewpoints, Lou and I never doubted for a moment, we could create something to give a voice to things not regularly explored in rock music at the time. That bizarre combination of 4 distinctly disparate musicians and a reluctant beauty queen perfectly summed up what it meant to be The Velvet Underground.

Tickets for the Liverpool show go on sale on October 28.

» John Cale on Facebook
» John Cale tour dates

Frank Nicolas: Free Advice for Sale

Dutch singer-songwriter Frank Nicolas recorded the songs for bis new live EP Free Advice for Sale in a tiny church in Holysloot. The three brand new tunes are more subdued and darker than the material on his previous albums. Opener By Any Other Name was written for the Van Giessen organ built in 1730. Playing it was quite a challenge - the keys were not exactly even, but it sets the tone for a bit of folk music that sounds as old as the hills.

Nicolas' voice is of the Johnny Cash variety - he can barely reach the higher notes in A Long Way Gone, but it's great for telling tales set to music. The fine acoustics of the church add depth to the instruments he played (guitar, paino and the aforementioned church organ).

Johnny Dowd: live @ De Peppel in Zeist videos

Jos Goverde captured a few songs of the Johnny Dowd concert @ De Peppel in Zeist, The Netherlands (October 16, 2016). He was accompanied by The Sex Robots (Anna Coogan & Michael Edmondson). Watch them perform Why, Empty Purse and Daddy.